FIRSTAR®First Aid Kit

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  • Olive Emergency BlanketOlive Emergency Blanket

    Olive Emergency Blanket – Military Emergency Blanket

    This Emergency Blanket is perfect for military use.

    • Olive color is good for camouflage in the field
    • Reflect heat back into the body

  • Vented Chest Seal

    Vented Chest Seal – First Aid Vented Rescue Seal For Survival

    This Chest Seal is suitable for Square Occlusive Adhesive Dressing for Open Chest Wounds.

    • Designed for a penetrating chest trauma
    • Fast application in any orientation

  • Emergency Bandage, Israeli bandageEmergency Bandage, Israeli bandage

    Emergency Bandage – Military Emergency Bandage

    This product is unique break-through developed from traditional bandage, can work for effective bleeding control, firm fixing, convenient operation and multi-angle wrapping.

    • Sterile, non-pneumatic trauma bandage
    • Multi-functional bandage for various wounds
    • Compact and waterproof vacuum sealed packaging.

  • Combat First Aid KitCombat First Aid Kit

    Combat First Aid Kit – Chest Seal Tourniquet Kit

    This Combat First Aid Kit is military grade compatible tactical medical pouch, compact IFAK Universal Pouch with elastic straps inside. Perfect for carrying medical supplies.

    1 x Chest Seal
    1 x CAT tourniquet
    1 x Israel bandage
    1 x Green emergency blanket

  • Combat Application TourniquetCombat Application Tourniquet

    Combat Application Tourniquet – Military Tactical Tourniquet

    This product is mainly used for stopping massive haemorrhage of limbs on field conditions or in normal pre-hospital emergency.
    Made of nylon and hard plastic, ensures the quality and standard of the medical use.
    * One-handed Operation
    * Occluding Blood Flow in
    * Significant Hemorrhage
  • Hydrocolloid Blister PlastersHydrocolloid Blister Plasters

    High Quality Hydrocolloid Blister Plasters

    1. Hydrocolloid Blister Plaster is specially used for protecting the heal, toes, and other vulnerable areas from blister.
    2. Keep the wound from dirt, germs and bacteria .
    3. Offer closed fast healing environment.
    4. Discreet and waterproof solution makes it more effective than a standard adhesive plaster.

  • First Aid Bag WaterproofFirst Aid Bag Waterproof

    Wholesale First Aid Bag (First Aid Kit)

    Wholesale high quality nylon Portable Family First Aid Bag, Mini Home First Aid Kit and can be customized.

  • Basket StretcherBasket Stretcher

    Basket Stretcher Separable

    This basket stretcher is made of ABS material, which is wear-resistant, anti-corrosion and anti-corrosion.

    Basket Stretcher Separable, Stretcher Separable, Basket Stretcher Separable

  • Isolation StretcherIsolation Stretcher

    Isolation Stretcher

    Isolation Stretcher

  • Trolley Stretcher - Ambulance StretcherTrolley Stretcher - Ambulance Stretcher

    Trolley Stretcher Ambulance Stretcher

    Hospital aluminum alloy Transport Trolley Ambulance Stretcher

  • Vacuum Mattress StretcherVacuum Mattress Stretcher

    Vacuum Mattress Stretcher

    Vacuum Mattress Stretcher

  • Trolley Stretcher - Ambulance StretcherTrolley Stretcher - Ambulance Stretcher

    Super Trolley Stretcher Ambulance Stretcher

    Super Trolley Stretcher Ambulance Stretcher

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