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  • Waterproof Safeguard Kitswaterproof safeguard kit - watertight kit

    Waterproof Safeguard Kits

    Waterproof Safeguard Kits

    This deluxe outdoor first aid kit with essential first aid and wound care products has a high performance in waterproof & shockproof capabilities. There is enough room in the kit to place your valuables and confidential articles when you are in outdoor exercises or on journey.This high quality performance box features 3mm PE shockproof foam around inner walls, effectively preventing the internal articles from impacts and damages. It has been proven that with the high strength compound materials, no crash occurs by dropping from 10 meters height. Static load test <= 1000kg, dynamic load test <= 200kg. Waterproof at 20m depth. Two models: clear cover box, with shockproof foam.

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