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To achieve a safer world

First aid kits

First aid kit helps your family when they need you most with different situation and different use from

Firstar Healthcare Co.,Ltd.Our first aid kits contains essential first-aid supplies to help treat most

Common injuries,including common bandages,plasters,scissor and more. Every bag or boxes with

handles for easy carrying,the kit includes the First Aid Guide allows you to view important first-aid

information on the left while coordinating supplies that are stored neatly on the right.

All contents are latex-free. You can restock your kit at any time with items

Personal care products

Personal care products helps your protect the wound when your skin injured or damaged,can prevent

Infection and promote recovery,avoid unnecessary damage to the wound, such as pressure rubbing or dressing sensitive.

Therefore,choosing a correct personal care products,it’s mean choosing a safety life.


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