Customization Questions

General Information 01.What Kind of First Aid Kit Is Best for You? How can you determine which kit is best for you? The answer comes down to your needs as well as your situation. The good news is that MediBC has options available for practically every context. This includes workplace kits, car and home kits, […]

Product Questions

Product Questions 01.Are Genuine First Aid products hypoallergenic? Genuine First Aid items are latex free, and unless individually specified, are not guaranteed to be hypoallergenic. 02.Is Genuine First Aid eyewash considered safe for daily use? Eyewash bottles are intended for emergency use only. It is strongly advised to not use emergency eyewash on a daily […]

Ordering and Shipping

Ordering and Shipping 01.Do you ship outs ide of North America? Genuine First Aid does not ship directly outside of North America. Please contact Customer Support for options. 02.Do you offer same-day shipping? Orders received by 12:00 EST for items currently in stock will likely ship that day. If you have special shipping instructions, Please […]