We Proudly Provide you with China First Aid Kits, Wound Care, Personal Protective Equipment Suppliers and Manufacturers, CPR Masks, Waterproof Cast Protectors, Pill Boxes, Wound Dressings & other medical products for pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, supermarkets, etc. Don’t miss it!!

First Aid Kit Series

With various designs and different materials, our China first aid kits fully illustrate the ideas of treatment for all kinds of places and purposes, which is suitable for different situations.

Products for Sport Activities

Made of soft and breathable material, this kind of products can relieve the impact to muscles
and ensure a good protection.

CPR Masks/Mouth to Mouth Face Shield

Mouth to mouth face shield can offer a great protection for the rescuer in the cardiopulmonary resuscitation without reduce the efficiency. It can also be used for the first aid training courses.

Personal Care Products

These products are widely used to offer daily care and assistance for every single person. They are convenient tools to protect our wounds and prevent us from diseases.

Products for Daily Care at Home

Home care products like waterproof protectors, pill boxes and thermometers which can offer convenient care and help when we get injuries or feel uncomfortable

Stretchers and Suction

This kind of products is widely used in hospital, gymnasium,
ambulance and other places to provide with an
effective way to carry unconscious patients.

Safety Products

It is necessary to prepare this kind of products as it may be a vital tool to avoid any accidents and keep us safe.

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