Fresh Morning Surgical Tape V9

Fresh Morning Surgical Tape V9

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The Fresh Morning Minipore Tape is comfortable, porous and breathable. It stretches to accommodate swelling and movement.The tape is perforated so that you can tear it off the roll by hand. The MiniPore Tape is particularly useful for securing wound dressings, tubing and catheters.

1. Soft and comfortable
2. Hypoallergenic
3. Easy to tear
4. Breathable
5. Latex-Free
6. Strong adhesive

FM-V9 PE Transparent Surgical Tape
Material: PE; Color: transparent

FM-V9-01 1/2″ x 5m, 24rolls/box
FM-V9-02 1″ x 5m, 12rolls/box
FM-V9-03 1/2″ x 10yds, 24rolls/box
FM-V9-04 1″ x 10yds, 12rolls/box

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