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General Information

01.What Kind of First Aid Kit Is Best for You?

How can you determine which kit is best for you? The answer comes down to your needs as well as your situation. The good news is that MediBC has options available for practically every context. This includes workplace kits, car and home kits, and even sports and training kits. Use these questions to help understand which kit is best for you.

02.Where should I keep a first aid kit?

路 Site Office
路 Car/Truck/Fleet
路 Construction Equipment
路 Purse or Briefcase
路 Backpack
路 Garage/Shop
路 Kitchen
路 Boat
路 RV

03.Why do I need a First Aid Kit?

Because you never know what may happen. It may seem like a fairly simplistic answer but it is the reality that we live with. First Aid Kits are the kind of thing you must think about before an emergency strikes so that you can be prepared for the unexpected.

04.Can other Acme United lines be purchased as a distributor?

The shelf life of a given product depends on when it was manufactured and how long it has been in our inventory. Shelf life and expiration dates generally only apply to items with drugs or other chemicals in them. Shelf life can vary from one to three years. If you need specific information on where to find an expiration date on your product please contact customer service at Please include the part number and date of purchase.


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