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  • Olive Emergency BlanketOlive Emergency Blanket

    Olive Emergency Blanket – Military Emergency Blanket

    This Emergency Blanket is perfect for military use.

    • Olive color is good for camouflage in the field
    • Reflect heat back into the body

  • Vented Chest Seal

    Vented Chest Seal – First Aid Vented Rescue Seal For Survival

    This Chest Seal is suitable for Square Occlusive Adhesive Dressing for Open Chest Wounds.

    • Designed for a penetrating chest trauma
    • Fast application in any orientation

  • Emergency Bandage, Israeli bandageEmergency Bandage, Israeli bandage

    Emergency Bandage – Military Emergency Bandage

    This product is unique break-through developed from traditional bandage, can work for effective bleeding control, firm fixing, convenient operation and multi-angle wrapping.

    • Sterile, non-pneumatic trauma bandage
    • Multi-functional bandage for various wounds
    • Compact and waterproof vacuum sealed packaging.

  • Combat First Aid KitCombat First Aid Kit

    Combat First Aid Kit – Chest Seal Tourniquet Kit

    This Combat First Aid Kit is military grade compatible tactical medical pouch, compact IFAK Universal Pouch with elastic straps inside. Perfect for carrying medical supplies.

    1 x Chest Seal
    1 x CAT tourniquet
    1 x Israel bandage
    1 x Green emergency blanket

  • Combat Application TourniquetCombat Application Tourniquet

    Combat Application Tourniquet – Military Tactical Tourniquet

    This product is mainly used for stopping massive haemorrhage of limbs on field conditions or in normal pre-hospital emergency.
    Made of nylon and hard plastic, ensures the quality and standard of the medical use.
    * One-handed Operation
    * Occluding Blood Flow in
    * Significant Hemorrhage

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