Firstar has learned that there are increasing number of counterfeit products on the market which falsely claiming to be produced and sold by Firstar. In addition, there are individuals and companies falsely claiming to be our representatives without any of our authorization. We hereby are making the following important notices.

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2019 Chexpo Asean

2019/08/21 Jacky 174

first aid kit|Waterproof Protector|Kinesiology Sports Tape

2019 Chexpo Asean; 

Stand No.: O17; 

Time: Nov 27~29, 2019; 

Add.: Jakarta, Indonesia

Tel: +86 20 3902 6210

(Ms. Million Chen)

Tel: +86 20 39026292

(Mr. Eddie Lui)


(Ms. Million Chen)


(Mr. Eddie Lui)

Rm 901 Building No.2, Headquarters Center, Tian'an High-Tech Ecological Park, No.555 North Panyu Avenue, Panyu, Guangzhou, China