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Product Questions

01.Are Genuine First Aid products hypoallergenic?

Genuine First Aid items are latex free, and unless individually specified, are not guaranteed to be hypoallergenic.

02.Is Genuine First Aid eyewash considered safe for daily use?

Eyewash bottles are intended for emergency use only. It is strongly advised to not use emergency eyewash on a daily basis. Once an eyewash bottle is opened, it cannot be resealed and would not be considered sterile for subsequent uses.

03.Is there a letter of guarantee available for the Genuine First Aid blue metal detectable bandages?

Yes, there is a letter of guarantee available for our blue metal detectable bandages.

04.Is Genuine First Aid cabinet mountable?

Yes, all Genuine First Aid cabinets can be wall mounted. Please follow the below procedure for instructions on how to mount your first aid cabinet.

1.See the back of the cabinet for two holes.

2.Measure the distance between the two holes and mark the desired location for the cabinet accordingly.

3.Use screws (not included) to line up the cabinet to the marked location.

4.Hang the cabinet safely on the hanging hardware installed.

05.What happens when or if eye wash freezes?

According to eyewash SDS, excessive exposure to extreme heat or cold should be avoided. If eyewash freezes and there is no evidence of leakage then the product should be OK. Freezing will not harm the eyewash. The only issue is sterility: Water expands when it freezes so if the seal is broken, then throw it out.

06.How should I dispose of my ammonia inhalants?

All ammonia inhalants can be disposed of as regular waste material, as they are not considered to be hazardous material.


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