Travel Emergency Kit


  • Product Code:FS-023
  • Size:230x105x100cm
  • Packaging:24sets/ctn, 54x35x23cm

Emergency first aid kit car styling, unique creative design, large storage space first aid supplies, translucent hood before admission, admission body, not just first aid kit, or a beautiful shape crafts.
Emergency car body made of strong ABS plastic, transparent PP front cover. Patents product

1.PVC Gloves 2pcs
2.Adhesive Plaster 5pcs
3.Cleaning Wipes 2pcs
4.Alcohol Wipes 2pcs
5.Cotton Applicator 10pcs
6.Scissors 1pair
7.Tweezers 1pair
8. Adhesive Plaster 10pcs
9.Surgical Tape 1roll
10.Electric Digital Thermometer 1pc
11.conforming bandage,7.5x450mm 1roll
12.conforming bandage,5x450mm 2roll
13.Emergency Blanket 1pc
14.Triangular Bandage 1pc
15.Ice Pack 1pc
16.Sterile Gauze Swab 5pcs

17.Safety pins 10pcs

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