Self Adhesive Bandage

Self-adhesive, Does not stick to skin, hair or wounds

  • Product Code:FS-6801/FS-6805/FS-6812
  • Size:FS-6801: 6cm*1m FS-6805: 6cm*5m FS-6812: 5cm*2m
  • Packaging:FS-6801: 200rolls/ctn, 50x38x33cm FS-6805: 40rolls/ctn, 42x34x31cm FS-6812: 100rolls/ctn, 60x48x36cm
  • Material:PU foam
  • Color:blue, skin

Does not stick to skin, hair or wounds
Stops bleeding for small injuries
Absorbs blood
Tolerates water

FS-6801 6cm*1m
FS-6805 6cm*5m
FS-6812 5cm*2m

Thickness: 1.6~1.8mm

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