Ice Bag/Instant Cold Pack

It reduces pain, relieves swelling and expedites recovery for sprains.

  • Product Code:FS-180/FS-183
  • Size:FS-180: 23.5x11cm FS-183: 14.5x11cm
  • Packaging:FS-180: 56pcs/ctn, 39.5x29x29cm FS-183: 96pcs/ctn, 48x31x21.5cm

It reduces pain, relieves swelling and expedites recovery for sprains, slight bumps and dislocation of bone joints.It can reduce the chance of bruise, lower temperature from fever, relieve pain from toothache and relieve itchiness from insect bites. It stays cold for up to 30 minutes.

FS-180  Disposable Ice Bag    240g

FS-183 Disposable Ice Bag    100g

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