Surgical Tape

Surgical Tape, Paper Tape

  • Product Code:FS-3100/FS-3101/3104/3105

A gentle, non-woven material. The tape allows the skin to breathe, thus preventing maceration. General dressing tape provides secure adhesion. Besides, it is porous, conformable and hypoallergenic. Ideal for general dressings, securing, ostomy applies and facial dressings. Easy to be torn.

FS-3100 1/2″ X 10yds 24rolls/Bx, 10 Bx/Cs
FS-3101 1″ X 10 yds 12 rolls/Bx, 10 Bx/Cs

FS-3104  1/2'' x5yds  24rolls/box, 10bx/Cs

FS-2105  1''X5yds  12rolls/Bx, 10Bx/Cs

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