Waterproof Bandage Protector

Waterproof Cast / Bandage Protector

  • Product Code:FS-2100/2101/2102/2103/2104/2105/2120/2121/2122/2110/2113/2114/2115
  • Material:PP, PVC, Silicone

The protector is a convenient way of protecting casts and bandages against water exposure whilst showering or taking part in light water activity.

Baths and showers

Outdoor weather protection
Cast and Bandage
IV/PICC lines & Skin conditions

User Friendly
Non-phthalate ,Latex Free
Extend the service life of the cast
Keep the wound area dry

FS-2100 Adult Short Arm  510x260x150mm 60pcs/ctn, 46x33x35cm
FS-2101 Adult Long Arm   660x410x190mm  40pcs/ctn, 41x41x33cm
FS-2102 Adult Foot   320x360x190mm  40pcs/ctn, 41x41x33cm
FS-2103 Adult Short Leg   610x420x190mm,  40pcs/ctn, 41x41x33cm
FS-2104 Adult Hand  320x240x150mm, 60pcs/ctn, 46x33x35cm 
FS-2105 Adult Long Leg   1020x510x250mm, 40pcs/ctn, 53.5x53.5x33cm
FS-2110 Wide Adult Short Arm   620x300x190mm, 40pcs/ctn, 41x41x33cm
FS-2113 Wide Adult Short Leg   570x510x250mm, 40pcs/ctn, 53.5x53.x33cm
FS-2114 Teenage Knees  370x190x190mm, 40pcs/ctn, 41x41x42cm
FS-2115 Adult Knees   500x250x250mm, 40pcs/ctn, 53.5x53.5x42cm
FS-2120 Teenage Arm  500x240x150mm, 60pcs/ctn, 46x33x35cm
FS-2121 Teenage Leg  440x350x190mm, 40pcs/ctn, 41x41x33cm
FS-2122 Teenage Feet   230x300x150mm, 60pcs/ctn, 46x33x35cm

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