Disposable Waterproof Cast

Disposable Waterproof Protector

  • Product Code:FM-2200/2210/080/081/082/083
  • Material:PU Film

-The protector is a convenient way of protecting casts and bandages against water exposure whilst showering or taking part in light water activity.

-Use in baths and showers and outdoor weather
-For Cast and Bandage protection
-Also for Lacerations, IV/PICC lines & Skin conditions

-Latex Free
-Extend the service life of the cast
-Keep the wound area dry

Material: PU Film

FM-2200 Adult Hand Bulk Packing 200pcs/ctn, 39x39x25cm
FM-2210 Adult Foot Bulk Packing  200pcs/ctn, 39x39x25cm
FM-080 Adult Hand 2pcs/box  200pcs/ctn, 56x48x25cm
FM-081 Adult Foot 2pcs/box  200pcs/ctn, 56x48x25cm

FM-082 Adult hand large 2pcs/box, 200pcs/ctn, 56x48x25cm

FM-083 Adult foot large 2pcs/box, 200pcs/ctn, 56x48x25cm

Other packing is acceptable as your request.  200pcs/ctn, 

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