Island Film Dressing

Island film dressing

  • Product Code:FM-3040~FM-3048

The island non-woven dressing is made of spunlace non-woven fabric and non-adherent absorbent pad. Applicable for covering, wrapping and fixing all kinds of wounds.


Abrasions, Closed intact surgical wound, Lacerations, Neuropathic Ulcers, Open surgical wounds, Skin tears, Superficial partial thickness burns, etc.


CodeSize(CM)Pad size(CM)Packaging
FM-30406*73*4100PCS*20boxes, 2000pcs/ctn
FM-30426*103*750pcs*24boxes, 1200pcs/ctn
FM-30439*105*630pcs*24boxes, 720pcs/ctn
FM-304410*125*630pcs*24boxes, 720pcs/ctn
FM-30459*155*1030pcs*24boxes, 720pcs/ctn
FM-304610*205*1525pcs*18boxes, 450pcs/ctn
FM-304710*255*2025pcs*12boxes, 300pcs/ctn
FM-304810*305*2525pcs*12boxes, 300pcs/ctn

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