Silicone Foam Dressing

Silicone Foam Dressing

  • Product Code:FM-200/201/202/203/204/205/206/207/208/209

Silicone foam dressing is a highly absorbent self-adherent silicone foam dressing consisting of 3 layers.

1)  Soft silicone contact layer, which sticks to surrounding skin but not to the wound bed, minimizing pain and the risk of damage to wound area.

2)  Flexible and soft polyurethane foam pad with high absorption.

3) Vapor-permeable, moisture-proof outer film.


1)  Silicone adhesive is gentle to both wound bed and skin for safe and easy removal.

2)  Can be safely worn for several days, depending on wound condition and exudate levels.

3)  Absorbs exudate while minimizing the risk of maceration.

4)  Provides moist environment for faster wound healing.

5)  Comfortable and conformable.

6)  Can be cut to fit wound site.


For the management of partial and full thickness wounds, including:

• Pressure ulcers

• Diabetic ulcers

• Arterial ulcers

• Venous ulcers

• Traumatic wounds

CodeSizePad SizePackaging
FM-201 2”x5” 1.2”x3.4”10pcs/box
FM-2023”x3”  1.75”x1/.75”  10pcs/box
FM-2034”x4” 2.6”x2.6”10pcs/box
FM-204 4”x8”  2.3”x6.3” 5pcs/box
FM-2054”x12”  2.4”x10.2”   5pcs/box
FM-2066”x6”3.9”x3.9” 10pcs/box
FM-2076”x8” 4.3”x6.3”5pcs/box
FM-2087”x7”  5”x5” 5pcs/box
FM-209Heel 5”x8” 3.2”x3.4” 5pcs/box

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