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  • Trolley Stretcher - Ambulance Stretcher

    Ambulance Stretcher

    Ambulance Stretcher

  • Latex Waterproof Protector

    Latex Waterproof Protector FS-2128/2130

    Latex Waterproof Protector

    – Suitable for bathing, showering and swimming.
    – Allowing hydrotherapy right after surgery.
    – Watertight Seal and reusable

  • Bathing Cover

    Bathing Cover

    Bathing Cover (Ring-Free)

    -Protects Casts & Wounds
    -Soft Silicone Material, Latex free
    -Safe For Bathing & Showering

  • metal kit - metal first aid box

    Metal First Aid Box

    Metal First Aid Box

    Made of iron, it is used as a medicine cabinet , drawing box. This portable box is able to carry many first aid products and keeps them stable

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